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Meat Eating Dinosaurs

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Meat Eating Dinosaurs are also called "Carnivores". Carnivore dinosaurs are secondary consumers, which means that these type of dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs that ate plants, or "Herbivores". Carnivore dinosaurs had to be more intelligent than the prey they were hunting. Carnivores needed to be able to communicate with other carnivores, so they could hunt in packs.

Carnivore dinosaurs had many anatomical features that could be used as weapons when hunting for prey. They had sharp serrated teeth, like knives and powerful jaws to rip chunks of meat from their prey.

Other carnivore dinosaurs had claws on their feet or "talons", which they would use to disembowel their prey. Some of these talons were as big as a foot (12 inches) in length. Other carnivores had size on their side to bring down prey. Some of these dinosaurs such as Giganotosaurus grew up to 52 feet (16 meters) in length.

Megalosaurus Meat Eating Dinosaur
Megalosaurus Dinosaur - Meat Eating Dinosaur
Image Courtesy of Todd Marshall