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Several kinds of herbivore dinosaurs had a toothless beak. Some of these dinosaurs included ceratopsians, ornithopods, ankylosaurs, and ostrich-like dinosaurs. Some of these dinosaurs had chewing or chopping teeth located at the back of their mouths. Ostrich-like dinosaurs did not, they had no teeth.

Interesting Fact [Some of the largest beaks among dinosaurs in relation to body mass belonged to Psittacosaurus and Oviraptor.]


These beaks were mostly used for pecking, snipping, and tearing their food. Another possible use was to peck against predators. These beaks were able to deliver a powerful pinch-like bite causing tremendous pain to ward off their attacker.

The dinosaur's beak was made up of the upper maxilla and the lower mandible. When alive, the bones at the front of a dinosaur's jaw would have been covered with horn, which formed the outer shape of the beak.