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Dinosaur Eyes - Dinosaur AnatomyIt is almost impossible to find eyes from dinosaurs because eyes are made up of soft tissue, and they would rot soon after the dinosaur died. Paleontologists make speculations about the anatomical characteristics based on the orbits in the skull where the eyes were located. When comparing the skull of an ancient dinosaur to a modern reptile, scientists are able to identify similarities.

Dinosaurs that display small eye sockets may have been limited to good vision only in the daytime. Dinosaurs such as Troodon, had relatively large eyes, and it could probably see well in dim light.

Dinosaurs with eyes on the side of their heads would have all-around vision. While dinosaurs that display eyes that face forward, would had the advantage of seeing in stereo, allowing it to see detail and judge distance. This stereo vision gives an advantage to predators when stalking their prey.