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The Dinosauria group is subdivided in to two major groups, the saurischian and the ornithischian. The saurischian group "lizard hipped" had hips that were composed of three elements. The ileum, ischium, and pubis. Saurischian dinosaurs differ from ornithischians by having a pubis that points downward and forward at an angle to the ischium.

Other anatomical differences include a grasping hand, asymmetrical fingers, and longer, mobile necks.

The Saurischian group is further divided into two groups. The Theropoda, which were bipedal carnivores that ranged in size from big turkey sized Compsognathus to the gigantic Tyrannosaurus.

Interesting Fact [The oldest known dinosaurs are from the middle Triassic Period and they belonged to the Saurischian Group.]

Velociraptor - Saurischian Dinosaur
Velociraptor was a Saurischian Dinosaur, attacking a Protoceratops.
Image courtesy of Todd Marshall