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Age Of The DinosaursAge of The Dinosaurs
The Mesozoic Era is the scientific name for the Age of The Dinosaurs. It was during the Mesozoic Era that the dinosaurs evolved, lived and died. The Mesozoic Era is divided into three periods: The Triassic, The Jurassic, and The Cretaceous Period.


National History MuseumsNational History Museums
Natural history museums can provide us with information about dinosaurs. There are literally hundreds of dinosaur displays worldwide. Each of these displays are the end result of tremendous amount of work and sometimes may involve a very substantial financial outlay.


Dinosaur DiscoveriesDinosaur Discoveries
Take a look at the latest Dinosaur Discoveries around the world. We keep these pages updated and bring you the latest dinosaur discoveries. Check these pages frequently for new updates.


Planet Dinosaur BlogPlanet Dinosaur Blog
Register in the new blog, it is fast and easy, and start sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. You only need a user name and a password to register. Try it now!



Dinosaur ListDinosaur List
Check out the list of dinosaurs that we have available. The dinosaur list pages contain general information on the specific dinosaur, dinosaur facts, dinosaur pictures, dinosaur classification and more.



Dinosaur AnatomyDinosaur Anatomy
Learn about the dinosaurs anatomy, their complexity, and functionality. Some dinosaurs developed systems for defense, and others possessed the tools needed to bring down big dinosaurs. Other dinosaurs developed complex systems for communication, to keep the herd aware of their surroundings.


Dinosaur ClassificationDinosaur Classification
There are tremendous amounts of organisms living today. Thousands more or even millions have lived in the past and have now become extinct. Trying to understand the nature of life and its evolution may be overwhelmingly frustrating. But thousands of biologists and researchers have dedicated their lives for us to have a better understanding of nature.


Dinosaur Extinction TheoriesDinosaur Extinction Theories
What really killed the dinosaurs? There are over 50 theories or variants of theories that have been considered. Many of these are frivolous such as aliens from outer space hunted the dinosaurs to extinction or untestable theories such as disease that spread through dinosaur populations. Read about some of these theories proposed by scientist.


Dinosaur VideosDinosaur Videos
Watch some of the best videos ever created by the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel and more. These videos are provided by YouTube, and National Geographic. We are always adding new videos to our site. You might see these videos in other pages as well, according to their topic.


Paleo Artists - Paleo ArtPaleo Artists
Take a look at the Paleo Artists pages. Some of these artists are world renown. They have an excellent display of paintings, and drawings. We have the pleasure to exhibit their work in our site. Artists contact us frequently to display their amazing work, check back for updates.