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Evidence Builds on Color of Dinosaurs
Feb 4, 2010
Until last week, paleontologists could offer no clear-cut evidence for the color of dinosaurs. Then researchers provided evidence that a ...

Discoveries by KU paleontologists trumpet the age of the Chinasaurs
January 27, 2010
A critter from the Cretaceous, this four-winged gliding dinosaur is one of many discoveries from China. Showing a model of a microraptor are ...

Rare Montana dinosaur skeleton stolen from private land turned over to researchers
Jan 24, 2010
A rare and nearly complete dinosaur skeleton stolen from private property in Montana and stored in an evidence locker for more than two years has been ...

Digging Into the Dinosaur 'Death Pits'

Jan 21, 2010
Following in a giant dinosaur's footsteps could be fatal — but not for the reasons you might suspect. Two small Guanlong wucaii dinosaurs struggle to escape ...

Dinosaur tracks in Oxfordshire mudflats to be protected
Jan 20, 2010
Dinosaur tracks made 165 million years ago that were discovered in Oxfordshire mudflats are to be protected as part of a geological conservation site. ...