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The PD Classifieds was created as a free service for people of common interest to exchange, sell, buy, help wanted, and other related services. It is a way for people with similar interests to connect and interact. Everyone is welcome to browse and post individual advertisements. There is no need to sign in or create user names with passwords.

All classifieds are reviewed before posting to our site. To submit a classified just click on the lick to your left, where you will find a simple form to fill and submit for review. After the classified is reviewed it will be posted.

Classifieds are posted automatically for 3 months unless you request to remove it earlier, or extend the time. All ads email addresses are broken to avoid spam to users.

Planet Dinosaur does not claim any responsability for any outside interactions caused by these classified postings. It is your own responsability to assess the integrity and reliability of those with whom you deal with.

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