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Dinosaur Anatomy

Braincase Anatomy
The braincase of the dinosaurs is generally one of the most poorly understood regions of the dinosaur skeleton. Many of its components are fragile and easily destroyed, some of which do no ossify.

Built for Defense
When it came time to defend against predators, many herbivores were equipped with horns, claws, spikes, and some of them had armor around their bodies. Others were naturally protected by their sheer size.

Craniofacial Air Sinuses
A complicated anatomical system pervaded in the heads of dinosaurs, it was composed of air filled sinuses. Pneumatization is the process in which epithelial outgrowths extend and invade the surrounding bones producing cavities within these bones.

Dinosaur Beaks
Several kinds of herbivore dinosaurs had a toothless beak. Some of these dinosaurs included ceratopsians, ornithopods, ankylosaurs, and ostrich-like dinosaurs. Some of these dinosaurs had chewing or chopping teeth located at the back of their mouths.

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