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Abydosaurus mcintoshi February, 25th 2010
Four complete skulls have been discovered in the Dinosaur National Monument in eastern Utah. These skulls belong to a large, herbivore sauropod, a group of large plant eating dinosaurs, among these were Brachiosaurus.

190 Million Year Old Discovery in Argentina
January 10, 2009. Researchers in Buenos Aires, Argentina reported the new discovery of a species of dinosaur that lived 190 million years ago. The fossil was discovered on Bayo mountain, about 50 miles from the Patagonian town of Gastre.

Tawa Hallae December 2009
U.S. paleontologists reported in the latest issue of Science the fossils of a new dinosaur, Tawa häl, about 220 million years old and could give more information about the early years of dinosaur evolution.

Celestae Aardonyx November 2009
Scientists in South Africa said they discovered the fossilized remains of an unknown species of dinosaur, which may help explain how it was that these creatures evolved to be the largest animals on earth.

Giant Sea Monster Discovered in the British Coast October 2009
The fossilized skull of a giant "sea monster" was discovered in the British coast.
The ferocious predator, called pliosaur, terrorized other creatures of the oceans about 150 million years ago.