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"Fukui plunderer"

Describer Azuma & Currie, 2000
Also Known As --
Type of Species
Order Saurischia
SubOrder Theropoda
InfraOrder --
Micro-Order --
Family Neovenatoridae
Size 14 feet (4.3 meters) long
Period Early Cretaceous Period, 120 million years ago
Fossilsite Japan
Diet Carnivore

Fukuiraptor was a bipedal carnivore that lived during the Early Cretaceous Period, about 120 million years ago, in what is now Japan. Fukuiraptor is one of the most complete skeletons found in Japan. This specimen was collected from one of the largtest quearries, in the Kitadani Formation. It was excavated from a cliff face, its remains were about 100 feet deep. It is believed tha this dinosaur was related to Allosaurus, but physically was more like a "raptor".

Fukuiraptor kitadaniensis