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Abelisaurus comahuensis

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"Abel's lizard"

Describer Bonaparte & Novas, 1985
Also Known As --
Type of Species comahuensis
Order Saurischia
SubOrder Theropoda
InfraOrder Ceratosauria
Micro-Order --
Family Abelisauridae
Size 20 feet (6 meters) long
Period Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago
Fossilsite Colorado Formation or Allen Fm. Provincia de Neuquen, Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina
Diet Bipedal, Carnivore

Abelisaurus was a bipedal carnivore that possessed a powerful set of slender hind limbs. It's arms were unusually short. It possessed a long, narrow head with no horns or ornamentation over its deep-set eyes. Abelisaurus was closely related to Carnotosaurus, an Argentinean carnivore made famous in Disney's movie Dinosaurs. Only one incomplete skull of Abelisaurus has been discovered.

Abelisaurus comahuensis
Abelisaurus comahuensis skull

Abelisaurus comahuensis
Image Courtesy of Frank DeNota

Abelisaurus comahuensis

Abelisaurus comahuensis

Abelisaurus comahuensis