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Amygdalodon patagonicus

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"almond tooth"

Describer Cabrera, 1947
Also Known As --
Type of Species patagonicus
Order Saurischia
SubOrder Sauropodomorpha
InfraOrder --
Micro-Order --
Family Cetiosauridae
Size 40-50 feet (12-15 meters) long
Period Middle Jurassic, 180-175 million years ago
Fossilsite Argentina
Diet Herbivore

Amygdalodon patagonicus lived during the Middle Jurassic Period about 180 million years ago, in what is now Argentina. Its name was given because its teeth were shaped like almonds. This medium sized, quadruped herbivore, is the most primitive sauropod known from South America. Everything that is known from this animal comes from very fragmentary remains of a skeleton. Amygdalodon was closely related to the later South American cetiosaurid, Patagosaurus. Amygdalodon's discovery indicates that cetiosaurids enjoyed a worldwide distribution during the Middle Jurassic Period.

Amygdalodon patagonicus