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Agilisaurus louderbacki

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"agile lizard"

Describer Peng, 1990
Also Known As --
Type of Species louderbacki
Order Ornithischia
SubOrder Ornithopoda
InfraOrder --
Micro-Order --
Family Hypsilophodontidae
Size 3.5-4 feet (1.2-1.7 meters) long
Period Middle Jurassic, 170 million years ago
Fossilsite Xiashaximiao Formation, Sichuan, China
Diet Herbivore

Agilisaurus was a hypsilophodontid, one of a worldwide family of small plant eating, bird hipped dinosaurs. Agilisaurus had several sharp, serrated, leaf shaped teeth, that lined the sides of its mouth. Probably for nipping leaves and cones off plants. Agilisaurus's hind legs were large and powerful, clearly making the animal a swift runner.

Agilisaurus louderbacki

Agilisaurus was one of many well preserved dinosaurs to emerge from the Dashanpu quarry in Sichuan, China.