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Aegyptosaurus baharijensis

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"Egyptian Lizard"

Describer Stromer, 1932
Also Known As --
Type of Species Baharijensis
Order Saurischia
SubOrder Sauropodomorpha
InfraOrder Sauropoda
Micro-Order --
Family Titanosauridae
Size 50 feet (15 meters) in length
Period Mid Cretaceous, 100-95 million years ago
Fossilsite Baharija Formation, Marsa Matruh, Egypt; "Continental intercalaire" Agadez, Farak Formation, Tahoua, Niger
Diet Quadrupedal, Herbivore

Very little is known from this herbivore. The only skeleton ever found was excavated from an oasis in the middle of the Egyptian Sahara Desert, was pulverized during World War II bombing raid. Unfortunately, even this type of specimen was incomplete, consisting mainly of leg bones and three fragmentary vertebrae. There was, however, enough evidence to classify the animal and to provide some idea of its general size and appearance. It was a moderate sized, quadrupedal Sauropod, perhaps with armor.

Aegyptosaurus baharijensis
Aegyptosaurus baharihensis (middle)
Image courtesy of Julius C.