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Abrictosaurus consors

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"wakeful lizard"

Describer Hopson, 1975
Also Known As --
Type of Species consors
Order Ornithischia
SubOrder Ornithopoda?
InfraOrder --
Micro-Order --
Family Heterodontosauridae
Size 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length
Period Triassic Late Jurassic Early Norian Rhaetian Hettangian Sinemurian
Fossilsite Hell Creek Formation, Montana, Lance Formation, Wyoming, US; Scollard Formation , Alberta, Canada
Diet Bipedal Omnivore

Abrictosaurus was an early bird-hipped bipedal herbivore from the heterodontosauridae family. Abrictosaurus was different from other heterontosarids in the fact that it did not have pointed canine teeth at the front of its lower jaw. The size of its head was about 4 inches long, the body about the size of a turkey with a long tail. It had small, delicate forelimbs that were probably used for handling the local plant life. The hind limbs were much larger and were adapted for fast running.

Abrictosaurus consors